Crazy For Cookies

Crazy For Cookies

 According to Wikipedia, cookies appear to have their origins in 7th century AD Persia. The use of sugar had become relatively common in the region.

The Dutch would test their fire ovens by baking a “little cake” pronounced “cook-ya.” This word was Anglicized to the word we now know as “cookie.”

These little bites of wonderful happen to be my favorite dessert for several reasons.

Most cookie doughs can be frozen in advance for 3-4 months. You can bake just what you need for any number of folks.  Fresh cookies can be ready in 20 minutes or less.

The types are so varied one could probably eat a different cookie every day for a year and never repeat. (Now that’s a resolution I could wrap my mind around!)

I’m planning a cookie party with a 10 year old aspiring baker.  Here are some of the tips I plan to share.

Wash your hands. Start with a tidy kitchen. Read the recipe! Two or even three times!
Assemble all the ingredients and equipment.

Focus. Getting distracted may cause you to forget if you’ve added something or not. (I speak from vast experience!) Small prep bowls with the measured ingredients beside the package can prevent this from happening.

Stir the flour to fluff it up before measuring.  Even pre-sifted flour packs down.

Level off your measuring cup with a knife.  Baking is more of an exact science, so be precise.

Bake one cookie to test the oven temp.  Every oven bakes just a little differently.
I ALWAYS Set a timer for 2 minutes shy of the suggested baking time. Better to burn or under bake ONE cookie than an entire pan.

I have several great cookie recipes posted just waiting here for you.  Type “cookie” into the word search engine and they will pop up with the written transcript of the segment I recorded.

Confectionately Yours,