The Hot Glue Gun

The Hot Glue Gun

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Grand-children are adept in knowing how to bypass a parent’s “no” into a grandparent’s “yes.” My sister related a story of her 8 year old granddaughter, Avery, who desperately wanted a hot glue gun. Her mother was not yet on board. Avery asked her grandmother to intervene.

It was decided that IF the purchase was allowed some ground rules were in order.  Given her age, a low melt glue gun was a safer choice.  Avery was never to use it except when supervised by an adult, and she could not leave the room if it was plugged in. 

All of these were wise instructions.  I recommended a bowl of cold water be placed on the table with every crafting session in case a little finger accidentally got burned.

When I heard this story, I remembered the moment I saw my first hot glue gun.  

I pondered this purchase for quite some time as the cost represented three man-hours at my job-quite the financial commitment at the time. My love of crafting took on a whole new dimension with this purchase. 

The internet searches I’ve done can’t seem to pin down the initial inventor or the year it came into being. They do site several men who claim variations on this tool for industrial use such as making shoes.

Years later, I saw the EXACT SAME blue and orange hot glue gun still in the package at a garage sale for only $2. It made me smile to remember my indecision at that craft store in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our Creator God made us in His own image. Eight year old Avery may not understand yet that He has placed in us the desire to imagine, to build, to craft.  He has also gifted us in different ways with the ultimate purpose to bring the glory back to Him.

So whether you design skyscrapers or hot glue flowers to a wreath, do it with enthusiasm.  Use your giftedness and passion to open the door to share the love of God with others.

Confectionately Yours,