The Unfinished Quilt

The Unfinished Quilt


I was garage sailing with my friend, Barb, when I spotted a real treasure.  I love going to sales with Barb because her taste, color schemes, and interests are so different from mine that we are not competing for stuff.

In fact, as we shop we learn about each other and point out the things we think the other would like.

I admit sometimes I buy a something on impulse without really considering what I’m going to do with it or where I’m going to put it.  THAT kind of purchase comes back to haunt me!

On this particular day it became obvious to me that someone’s sewing room had been emptied out, and she was a very talented quilter.  It also became obvious that her children did not share her love of sewing and crafting.  The prices were bargains.

There were several lap sized quilts, but one in particular caught my eye.  It was a star patterned piece in gorgeous muted fall colors.  Seventy-two beautifully pieced squares with all but 29 squares completely hand quilted.

It had been handled a little roughly and some of the batting between the front and back was torn away. The needle and thread was still in place waiting for the creator to continue her work.

I surmised that poor health or perhaps even death interrupted the finishing of this quilt.  It will give me such satisfaction to know that I can pick up where she left off and her work  appreciated.

Life is kind of like that quilt.  The little things that don’t seem important on their own pieced together as a whole can make for a beautiful outcome.

Whatever we do in this life we SHOULD leave some work unfinished for the next generation to pick up and continue.  We should be teachers of good things. Whatever season of life you are in, ask God to give you purpose.  We are to occupy until Jesus comes back or until He takes us home.

Confectionately Yours,


PS-Isn’t her work beautiful??